Amit Kumar Sharma

ORCID ID: 0009-0004-9021-1887

Research Project Title: Modelling and Development of cold spray for additive manufacturing (CSAM) with non-conventional nozzles

Supervisors/s: Ashish Vashishtha, Dr. Dean Callaghan, Dr. Ramesh Raghavendra, Prof. M. Kamaraj, Prof. Srinivasa Rao Bakshi

Project Funding: South East Regional Development Fund (SERD) Scholarship



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Amit Kumar Sharma is in 2nd year of his PhD journey at Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, South East Technological University, Carlow funded through South East Regional Development Scholarship Funds (SERD). His research domain is primarily aimed to ascertain the efficacy of non-conventional nozzles for solving the nozzle clogging phenomenon in cold spray operation through strategic nozzle design changes, modelling and testing. He holds a MSc degree in Advanced Mechanical Design from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Furthermore, he also worked at Surface Science and Tribology lab (SST), Shiv Nadar University, India gaining insight in material science and engineering in the field of HEA (High Entropy Alloys) and other advanced alloys.

Research Project Description

Nozzle designs are heart of cold spray method, traditionally used as circular nozzle. The supersonic nozzles accelerate the flow, based its convergent-divergent section design as well as pressure ratio of upstream and environment pressure. A particular design of circular nozzle can give maximum acceleration at design operating pressure ratio. Off-design condition may lead to overexpansion and under-expansion of flow causing complicated shockwave structures in the jet flow- field.

The main contribution of this study will be toward proposing various unconventional nozzle designs and validating the proposed design with simulation & experiments which can perform significantly higher than current nozzles for cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM).

Publications and Outputs

  • Sharma, A.K., Perumal, G., Arora, H.S. and Grewal, H.S., 2021. Slurry Erosion–Corrosion Resistance of MoNbTaTiZr High Entropy Alloy. Journal of Bio-and Tribo-Corrosion7, pp.1-10.
  • Kumar Sharma, A., Vashishtha, A., Callaghan, D., Nolan, C., Bakshi, S., Kamaraj, M. and Raghavendra, R., 2022. Particle Acceleration Through Coaxial Co-Flow Nozzles for Cold Spray Applications. ITSC 2022 Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition.
  • Kumar Sharma, A., Vashishtha, A., Callaghan, D., Bakshi, S., Kamaraj, M. and Raghavendra, R., 2022.Effectiveness of Co-Flow for Nozzle Divergent Length Reduction in Cold Spray Application. 25th Annual Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium, NUI Galway